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I know kung fu

Yesterday, I wrote about seeing the code in the Matrix. As I was writing it, another connection between The Matrix and ADHD popped into my head.

Early in the movie, there’s a scene where Tank skips all of the “boring operational stuff” and jumps straight to teaching Neo combat training.

He spends ten hours straight learning everything he can, then turns to Morpheus and says…

I know kung fu.

This is a quintessential ADHD experience.

Skip the boring stuff. Dive straight into something you find interesting. Miss meals and bathroom breaks. Emerge sweaty and exhausted hours later with an encyclopedic knowledge of your knew passion.

Pointed at the wrong thing, you may end up putting off important work tasks or life activities.

But when the thing you’re excited about is also an important thing that needs to get done, your ADHD becomes a superpower. An old coworker for mine referred to this as “weaponized ADHD.”

An important part of learning to thrive with ADHD is identifying the types of things that trigger this behavior for you, and finding the overlap between them and the important stuff that needs doing.

This true in both life and work.