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  • Episode 8

The calm of the night

In today’s episode, I talk about being a night owl with ADHD.


Hello, hello, hello. This is the ADHD for the Win podcast. I’m Chris Ferdinandi. Thanks so much for joining me today. I’m talking about being a night owl as someone with ADHD a lot of folks with ADHD Feel more productive at night. I’ve talked to a lot of folks and this just comes up all the time Ironically when you get sleepy your brain is less likely to bounce around to lots of different ideas It can give you a sense of calm and focus that you might not have Earlier in the day when you’re full of a lot of energy and you know Your brain is moving at a thousand miles an hour.

It’s often quieter with fewer distractions too. And that also helps a lot. You’re up at night and most of the other folks in your house are out and about have gone to bed. Uh, you don’t have folks walking around outside making lots of noise. It just becomes a much more peaceful kind of environment over the years.

I’ve learned to lean into this. This is a big part of my ethos of following my ADHD flow. So I do some of my best work, or at least my best thinking at night after everyone else in my house is asleep. It’s the time when I write down ideas and make outlines and plans. And then the next day when I’m more awake and hopefully focused, I will refine them a bit.

But remember, follow your ADHD flow. Anyways, that’s it for today. Uh, if you feel like your ADHD is holding you back, or you just want. information on how to thrive as someone who’s neurodivergent. I send out a short email each weekday. You can sign up for that over at ADHDFTW. com. That is ADHD for the win.

That’s it for today and I’ll see you next time. Cheers.